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Alongside case studies, toolkits and guides, every month we publish articles in our blog The Brief, produce a podcast called Turn It Up and regularly host events such as Learning Labs and industry webinars. You can view our Publications and Media below.


Case Study: Public engagement for Melbourne’s latest trains and trams

Webinar – Unlocking Housing

Impact Report 2023

Wannon Water Webinar – From Little Things Big Things Grow

Case Study: Melbourne Airport Third Runway Master Plan

Reflections from the 2023 IAP2 Conference

Case Study: Eildon Reserves Redevelopment

Engaging on neighbourhood batteries

Capire announces a significant change to its Board

Learning Lab: Intersectionality and Engagement

Engagement Compass Summary Report 2023

What Does It Mean to Be Mentally Healthy?

Learning By Doing – Why the World Needs Both Fun and Intelligence

Turn It Up: Transmission and Social License

Survey Guideline

Case Study: Great Tasting Water

Impact Report 2022

Talking about Community Engagement

Talking Trash

Case Study: Merri-bek Kerbside Waste Reform

Case Study: Imagine Monash

Learning Lab: Tomorrow Together

Having an Open Heart and Mind

Next Stop, Tasmania

Turn It Up: Deliberative Engagement

Webinar: Building community consensus for the renewable energy transition

Case Study: Local Adult and Older Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing Services (Local Services)

Case Study: Zero Emissions Vehicles Community Panel

Capire in The Australian Financial Review

Planning News: Community Consultation Through The Pandemic

Planning News: 60 Seconds With Chris Robinson

Turn It Up: Advocating for Disability

Turn It Up: Connecting After Covid

Turn It Up – A Virtual Community Engagement Conference

Case Study: Engaging With Social Housing Communities

How to Write an Engagement Brief

Learning Lab: The Engagement Triangle Relaunch

Learning Lab: Evaluating Community Engagement

Capire Engagement Triangle 2022

Co-Design Guideline

Learning Lab: Are You Practicing Exclusive Engagement?

Impact Report 2021

Engagement Framework Guide

Toolkit: Community Engagement During COVID

Case Study: Launceston Tomorrow Together

The Capire Story: an Interview with Chris Robinson and Amy Hubbard

Turn It Up – a Podcast from Team Capire

Online Participation Cards

Toolkit: Inclusive Community Engagement

Elevating ALL Voices

Case Study: Soft Plastics Recycling in Altona

No One is Safe Until Everyone is Safe – World Refugee Day

Toolkit: Engaging With Young People

Being Able to be Yourself

Behind Every Genius is a Team

Lights Out – Earth Hour 2022

It’s Time to Break the Bias

Everyone Has Something to Contribute, We Just Have to Find Ways of Listening.

Change It Ourselves