Turn It Up – A Virtual Community Engagement Conference

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One take away from the year 2020 is that community engagement is vital. As we responded to the dual health and economic crises, backgrounded with a climate change emergency and a crisis of political confidence, understanding and defining what’s important to communities is critical to the success of society.

As community leaders, civic servants, engagement practitioners and captains of industry, we are drawn to listen and empower people to create sustainable public policy and social impact.

Turn It Up was a virtual conference presented by Capire and friends. We brought skilled listeners, communicators, researchers, facilitators and problem solvers together for a three-day event to pause, reflect, connect and share to advance our practice and prepare for what lies ahead.

Sessions included:

  • What is the Voice? What is its role and responsibility? How can it be powerful?
  • How to make engagement Accessible?
  • Learning to FOC – A Story of Insights from Transitioning from Face-to-Face Facilitation to Online Engagement
  • Building resilience through neighbourhood mapping
  • How to talk about climate change in a way that makes a difference
  • Developing a robust city vision and plan – sharing international research on the best practice engagement
  • Taking young people off ‘mute!’- Listening to young people about their post-COVID future
  • Diversity is more than demographics

Recordings of each session are on Capire’s YouTube channel