Privacy Policy

Capire’s policy applies the way we collect, use, store and disclose information as well as a complaints process.

For the purpose of project delivery, and on behalf of our clients, we collect personal information from individuals, such as email addresses, contact details, demographic data and project feedback to enable us to facilitate participation in consultation activities.

As such, Capire will:

  • maintain diligence and continue to meet our responsibilities under the relevant Acts and codes of ethics
  • follow our supporting privacy procedure for the collection, use, disclosure, storage and destruction of personal information
  • store the information we collect securely on our server for the duration of the program and only disclose relevant information to our client and the project team
  • manually transfer written notes from consultation activities to our server and dispose of hard copies securely
  • faithfully transcribe comments collected during any consultation activity and not attribute commentary or opinions to an individual
  • display or provide copies of our privacy policy to individuals that we engage for the purpose of program delivery, explaining how their information will be used, disclosed, stored and disposed of
  • maintain an in-office server with security measures that include, but are not limited to, password protected access, restrictions to sensitive data and the encrypted transfer of data

Where Capire has collected personal information from a client and used it for the purpose of direct marketing, Capire will always:

  • allow an individual to request not to receive direct marketing communications (also known as ‘opting out’)
  • comply with that request