What Does It Mean to Be Mentally Healthy?

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You often hear the phrase ‘good mental health and wellbeing,’ but what does it actually mean? How is it measured? Capire Associate Athalia Zwartz opens this discussion with young people, to expand our thinking and gain fresh insight through lived experience.  She chats with Emily Unity and Achol Kooc about identity, perceptions, understanding and how we experience mental health.

Emily Unity (they/them) is a mental health professional passionate about co-designing solutions to systemic barriers. Emily endeavours to help create a world for all people, regardless of their backgrounds, identities, or intersectionalities.

Achol Kooc is a South Sudanese Australian and an aspiring advocate for South Sundanese young people and mental health. She recently completed studies in youth work and is working towards opening up safe spaces for young people to help them with the issues affecting them such as systemic racism.