Capire provides five core consulting services: Engagement Strategy and Delivery, Facilitation, Strategic Advisory, Communications, Reporting and Analysis.


Our Services


Engagement Strategy And Delivery

Our inclusive engagement programs are tailored to consider client experience and expectations, community needs, and project requirements. They uphold core engagement principles whilst allowing for a flexible and fit-for-purpose approach.

  • Strategy development
  • Program planning and design
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Deliberative engagement
  • Online engagement
  • Targeted hard to reach engagement
  • Stakeholder management and liaison


Our professional facilitators provide independence allowing effective group work, to get to the heart of the problem and identify shared solutions. We provide participants with the skills and confidence to understand the process, and the content and tools to guide them.

  • Deliberative processes
  • Codesign processes
  • Forums and workshops
  • Independent chairing (panels, reference groups, committees, Master of Ceremonies)
  • Facilitation training

Strategic Advisory 

We provide clearly defined guidance to enable organisational decision making and implement change. Using specialist insights to measure process and performance, we solve problems, build knowledge and support growth. 

  • Organisational engagement frameworks and tools
  • Organisational development
  • Policy development
  • Risk and issues management
  • Digital engagement platforms
  • Community engagement training


We communicate with purpose to clarify and strengthen understanding between our clients, their communities, and stakeholders. We produce meaningful, cohesive messages and content to engage, inform and provide insight.

  • Communication strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Content creation
  • Creative direction and brand development
  • Visual communications and graphic design
  • Plain English writing

Reporting And Analysis

By understanding information needs at the beginning of a project, we structure our engagement to maximise quantitative and qualitative data. We are skilled at summarising, interpreting and presenting detailed information, to draw out insights and recommendations.

  • Engagement reporting
  • Data collection frameworks
  • Coding engagement data
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Social research and analysis