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Turn It Up – A Podcast From Team Capire

15 August 2022

A podcast from Team Capire celebrating community, the things that matter to them and all the things in between. Each month we have real conversations with real people about real issues. From food and housing security, social and economic participation, a stable and healthy environment, and inclusive design and planning. We share our knowledge, chat […]

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The Capire Story

27 July 2022

It all started one Autumn day, mid-GFC on April 27, 2007. As the financial markets crashed around the world, Capire Co-Founders and Directors, Amy Hubbard and Chris Robinson, saw an opportunity. 15 years and over 1000 projects later, Capire has grown to become a leader in community engagement. An interview with Chris Robinson and Amy […]

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Elevating ALL voices

12 July 2022

Capire’s Sarah Roberts has over 12 years’ experience in community and stakeholder engagement specialising in diversity, inclusion and equity. Sarah led the codesign of Australia’s first regional gender service alongside trans and gender diverse community members and clinicians. Sarah grew up in regional Victoria and is dedicated to continuing to enable rural and regional communities […]

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No one is safe until everyone is safe – World Refugee Day

20 June 2022

As a kid, no matter what went on, I always felt safe. Safe from harm, safe from sleeping rough, safe from being hungry, safe from conflict. I didn’t realise there was a whole different world out there. It didn’t make sense that someone would flee their home. I remember thinking, ‘they must be desperate’. And […]

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Being able to be yourself – IDAHOBIT

16 May 2022

‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’ – Oscar Wilde. Being able to be yourself and have your own identity is so important. This includes expressing your gender or sexuality. Everyone should be able be comfortable in their own skin and live a life free from discrimination and harassment. May 17 is the International Day […]

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Engaging with communities is here to stay, but how we do this genuinely, will become more sophisticated

12 April 2022

Micaela Drieberg joins the Capire family as Senior Associate / Client Development Lead. With 20 years’ experience in community engagement and a former Mayor and Ministerial Advisor, Micaela has some unique insights. Here Micaela talks about the drivers and challenges for engagement. You have worked across all three levels of government – local, state, and […]

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Next stop, Tasmania

04 April 2022

In March, Capire staff headed across the waters for some fresh air and to meet and greet Tasmanians. Our purpose: to talk to the community about local councils. Their feedback will inform the Future of Local Government Review which is currently underway. The Tasmanian Government has commissioned the Local Government Board to undertake a Review […]

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Behind every genius is a team

04 April 2022

In today’s highly digital world, with hybrid work the norm, does teamwork still matter? At Capire, the answer is a resounding YES. Being successful means nada if you can’t work as a team. We use our Capire values – To Understand, Be Flexible, Bring Everyone Along and Make An Impact – to improve our teamwork. […]

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Lights Out – Earth Hour 2022

31 March 2022

Earth Hour returned this month on Saturday March 26 at 8.30pm. Earth Hour is an annual community-led event that encourages individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off their lights for one hour. It’s a symbolic action to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. It’s a home-grown movement, born in Sydney […]

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It’s Time To Break The Bias – International Women’s Day 2022

07 March 2022

March 8 is a global day recognising women and their achievements – whether that’s political, cultural, economic, or social. The days also seeks to promote equal rights for women. This year’s IWD theme is Break The Bias. That means a world recognising diversity, equity and inclusion. A gender equal world, free from bias, stereotypes, discrimination […]

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