Capire delivered an education, training and engagement program to support the planning approval process.


Third Runway and Master Plan Engagement


Capire has been partnering with Australia Pacific Airports to provide strategic advice to support Melbourne Airport’s planning approval processes. This has included stakeholder and community engagement, internal capacity building and engagement design and delivery services.

In 2022, Capire delivered a four-month engagement program for Melbourne Airport’s Third Runway and Master Plan 2022. This was the largest program of engagement activities ever undertaken by Melbourne Airport.

Capire worked closely with Melbourne Airport to provide strategic engagement advice and support, a promotional campaign and a tailored staff training program. We designed a fit for purpose Engagement Strategy aligned with statutory requirements that went above and beyond “baseline” engagement standards.

Capire delivered over 50 sessions of public events in partnership with the Melbourne Airport team, assisted with the development of all communications collaterals, and provided ongoing strategic advice supporting their engagement delivery during the engagement period.

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    Australia Pacific Airports
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It was great to have the Capire team as an external advisor to provide timely advice for our engagement program.

Melbourne Airport