Working with Infrastructure Victoria’s technical experts, we designed a deliberative engagement program around the uptake of zero emissions vehicles.


Zero Emissions Vehicles Community Panel


To help Victoria meet a reduction target of net zero emissions by 2050, Infrastructure Victoria released a strategy recommending accelerating the uptake of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). To support the strategy, Capire was engaged to develop and deliver stakeholder and community consultation. The engagement program needed to hear first-hand from a range of Victorians what the government could do to encourage them to take up zero emissions vehicles.

Capire and Infrastructure Victoria worked collaboratively over a five-month period to design a deliberative engagement program.  Key to the success of the process was a strong partnership between the Capire facilitation team and Infrastructure Victoria’s technical experts.

Rather than limiting our engagement to online community workshops based on various issues addressed in the strategy, it was decided to conduct a community panel to better understand their views on the barriers to uptake of ZEVs.  A community panel of 211 Victorians took part in a month-long virtual workshop series to answer the question of: “How should the Victorian Government support more people to adopt low or zero-emissions vehicles sooner?” The program saw panel members participate in multiple webinars and workshops to build their knowledge and discuss different views and ideas with each other, before voting on the final recommendations.

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It was great to be part of a process that I hope will continue to expand and improve in all sectors and at all levels of government.

Community panel member


The panel delivered 21 recommendations for Victoria’s independent infrastructure advisory body to consider in supporting the transition to ZEVs. The panel also recommended ending the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030.

The panel report, Tackling transport emissions, was provided to the Victorian Government and other parliamentary representatives, published, and promoted publicly by Infrastructure Victoria in April 2021. The community panel deliberations also influenced the Victorian Government’s ZEV roadmap released in May 2021.