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Organisational Alignment Project

Launceston City Council

The Organisational Alignment Project (OAP) is part of City of Launceston’s Organisational Cultural Roadmap which has been developed to enable the organisation to transition to its preferred and desired culture over the next several years. Capire developed a comprehensive engagement approach with the overarching goal to: Engage with staff at all levels, to develop and implement an effective internally driven change program that is owned by the organisation.

The first stage of the OAP was the implementation of a far-reaching communications approach that aimed to inform staff about the rationale for OAP, major opportunities and benefits, build awareness of the project and share timelines and opportunity to participate in Stage 2 – Research and generate excitement for this next step and build connection between OAP and achieving Council’s vision. Stage 2 formed the research stage of the OAP through the delivery of a comprehensive engagement approach. Stage 2 sought to hear from stakeholders about what Council needs to do to align the organisational structure, be fit for purpose / future challenges and deliver on Councils vision. Engagement approaches included staff survey, staff group workshops, external workshops with Councillors, youth and public, staff drop in sessions, one-on-one staff discussions and unstructured submissions/emails.

Overall participation in the OAP was very high, with at least 69 per cent of the workforce participating in one or many of the engagement activities available. The outcomes of the engagement were shared with the City of Launceston staff and identification of priority actions needed to achieve the organisational vision will occur. In early June 2019 the implementation of identified actions commenced.