Capire supported Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services to engage lot owners regarding the redevelopment and revitalisation of the Waterfront Building.


Waterfront Building Redevelopment Project


Photo credit: Joe Bennett, ‘Sanctuary Lakes’, licensed under CC-BY-2.0

The Waterfront Building at Sanctuary Lakes, Point Cook, is over 20 years old. Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services (SLRS) was considering upgrading the building to better meet community needs and expectations. Capire supported SLRS to work with Sanctuary Lakes lot owners to explore potential opportunities to redevelop and revitalise the building and included facilities.

Capire assisted SLRS to develop a representative panel of lot owners. We then planned, designed and facilitated a series of four in-person panel sessions. These sessions were delivered in a flexible manner to meet panel members where they were at, in terms of their knowledge of the project, and to respond to their desire for detail. This meant allowing more time for SLRS and the contracted architect to deliver presentations and answer questions, and adjusting planned activities where required.

The process welcomed a diverse range of ideas to inform preparation of concept designs for the Waterfront Building Redevelopment. Activities included a mix of individual, table and group activities.

Following each session, Capire provided SLRS and panel members with a session summary. The panel developed two key outputs: Option Assessment Criteria and four redevelopment concept designs. All panel discussions and community needs were considered for the final concept designs, which were presented to and preferentially voted on by Sanctuary Lakes lot owners.

Ultimately, none of the concept designs will proceed, as the lot owners voted not to redevelop the Waterfront Building. Nevertheless, panel members felt proud of their participation, collaboration and understanding between the group. They reported overall increases in their confidence and trust in SLRS, and in their ability to contribute to the panel process.

  • Client
    Sanctuary Lakes Resort Services Ltd
  • Year Completed
  • Location
    Sanctuary Lakes, Victoria

At the initial meeting I was unsure that everyone present was in support of some sort of change and it was challenging keeping on topic. However, by the second session the panel seemed to be in agreement and the process went very smoothly from there.

Panel Member