Capire’s engagement program educated community about waste management and sought to understand their acceptance of a new recycling centre.


Waste Resource Recovery Centre


Mitchel Shire Council is dedicated to reducing waste to landfill by promoting reuse, up-cycling and recycling of materials. To support the delivery of best practice waste and resource recovery, they proposed to establish a Resource Recovery Centre in Seymour. The facility aimed to broaden waste management services within the Seymour area and included the development of a reuse shop on the site.

Capire developed a high level engagement program to understand sentiment and acceptance of the new centre. We assisted Council to engage with the surrounding residents, businesses, and the wider community to seek their views about the centre, its location, the potential services they could access and their views towards waste recovery.

Tools included a hotline phone and email, interviews with near neighbours, an online engagement platform, face to face meetings with stakeholders, direct mail, drop in sessions for the wider community and fact sheets,

This feedback was summarised into an engagement summary report to support the planning approvals process for the project.

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    Mitchell Shire Council
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