Using existing and emerging practices and new research, we created a framework that set clear direction on how to achieve DPC’s vision.


Victoria’s Public Engagement Framework


In 2019, the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office (VAGO) reviewed public participation in government decision-making. This review recommended that the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) collaborate with other departments and agencies to develop a whole-of-government framework. This framework will provide the Victorian public sector with a consistent approach and tools to deliver public engagement.

Public engagement plays a significant part in providing a participatory environment between the public and decision-makers. Government is not required to engage on every decision, but when it does, there is an expectation that it will be a genuine process and the community is clear about how their participation will inform a decision. Having an overarching framework will provide a clear expectation of what leading practice is and the outcomes it is seeking to achieve.

Capire worked with DPC to develop a Framework that the whole-of-government could embrace. Through this collaboration, Capire collated existing and emerging practices, new research, ideas, policies and barriers. The process was iterative – we checked back in with other departments at key stages of developing the framework. At the final stages of the draft Framework it was shared with the public. Close to 360 people provided their feedback.

Alongside the Framework, Capire also supported the development of an Outcomes Framework and Reporting Plan. This Framework and Plan provides measures to assess how the government is delivering its vision. It provides a clear sense of direction about what is needed to achieve the vision in the long-term.