Capire delivered a series of engagements and events to hear the community’s views and ideas for Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One


The Greenline Project: Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One



The Greenline Project is an initiative to revitalise the north bank of the Yarra River – Birrarung into a reinvigorated and inspiring public waterfront. The initiative is guided by four overarching themes – Environment, Culture, Place, and Connection.

The Greenline Project identifies five precincts along the Yarra River – Birrarung’s north bank. The precincts reflect land management, activity, and character attributes. Concept designs have been developed for presentation to the community on one of the precincts’ sites – Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One. In this stage of community and stakeholder engagement, feedback was sought on The Greenline Project and the Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One draft concept designs.

The engagement was underpinned by the following objectives:

  • To inform and consult with the community on The Greenline Project, specifically Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One draft concept designs and The Greenline Project precincts.
  • To demonstrate design response to priority areas identified in Phase 1 community engagement.
  • To demonstrate how The Greenline Project responds to neighbourhood insights gathered, particularly from a diverse range of voices and perspectives.
  • To involve key diverse community stakeholders in the development of requirements to be included in The Greenline Project precinct planning.
  • To understand the community’s priorities and aspired uses of spaces at the Project sites.
  • To gather insights that can bring the City of Melbourne’s diversity and inclusion aims to life, in both the Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One concept and The Greenline Project precincts.
  • To establish an approach for community engagement to be replicated for individual projects along the lifespan of The Greenline Project.
  • Client
    City of Melbourne
  • Year Completed
  • Location
    Yarra River – Birrarung


A range of communication and engagement tools were used to reach different stakeholder groups, including community, sports bodies, events, and business stakeholders. Near neighbours and existing users of the project area were also engaged.

Capire delivered a series of engagements and events to hear the community’s views and ideas for the site. With online surveys, four focus groups, one targeted stakeholder interview, four on-site pop-ups, and intercept surveys, we explored:
–      opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal culture and knowledge on and along the Yarra.
–      how to improve connectivity and support access and movement of pedestrians and cyclists.
–      what types of creative experiences and immersive landscapes will invite public participation, play, education and wonder.
–      how to enhance and reimagine the north bank’s heritage assets through adaptive reuse.

We implemented a unique and novel approach to pop-ups which were highly visual and engaging. We aligned our pop-ups with existing and planned events, including community groups scheduled at libraries. Over 326 people engaged with the project, and the project webpage received 10,395 views. Capire also delivered a public-facing report communicating the public’s sentiments.

Capire’s approach was distinct from the start. We worked through a changing political landscape by remaining flexible and responding to project needs as they arose.

Findings from the engagement were used to finalise the concept designs. We continued our work on this city-shaping project through the next step of engagement and on findings that would inform precinct planning for the whole Greenline Project. This has resulted in consequent work, and we are now working with a consortium to be the exclusive engagement partner for the project. Works are expected to begin later in 2023.