Capire worked with Melbourne Water to capture community views on the social values of waterways in the Port Phillip and Westernport region.


Social Values of Waterways Engagement


Melbourne Water is a key stakeholder responsible for managing waterway conditions to improve waterway health and social values. Measuring performance around delivering social values is a relatively new concept. To date there has not been a lot of data captured to measure performance.

We know that waterways are important community spaces for many people who live, work, and visit Melbourne. Capire worked with Melbourne Water to seek community thoughts on the different social values of waterways and the conditions (i.e. features and facilities) that support those values. We also sought feedback on current levels of satisfaction with those conditions.

We then assessed the different options to prepare a detailed implementation plan, which included a pilot phase, designed to test some of the engagement tools at two typically underrepresented waterways. We were also able to test an approach for reaching people with disability.

Once the pilot was complete, we were able to assess the effectiveness of the engagement tools and refine the four-year implementation plan. When the full four-year program is rolled out, the project outcomes will help identify the management actions required to enhance and protect these waterway conditions to maintain or improve social values.

  • Client
    Melbourne Water
  • Year Completed
  • Location
    Port Phillip and Westernport