Capire worked with the newly established Regional and Metropolitan Partnership teams, to provide strategic advice their annual Assemblies.


Regional and Metropolitan Assemblies


The Victorian Government has established nine new Regional Partnerships and six Metropolitan Partnerships to give local communities a greater say about what matters to them, and ensure their voices reach the heart of government.

Each Partnership has the responsibility to deliver an annual Assembly that is instrumental in workshopping and progressing local priorities and inform priority setting.

Capire designed an overarching strategy and implementation plan to underpin the Assemblies and supported the Regional Partnerships to undertake their pre-assembly engagement to hear from stakeholders and the broader community about the priorities for their region and to inform the agenda for the Assembly.  Capire was involved in the delivery, facilitation and reporting of six of the Assemblies, working closely with the partnership and Regional Development Victoria to ensure that each was tailored to the region to provide people from the community, industry and government the opportunity discuss and debate their top priorities.

Capire was then engaged to support the design, delivery and facilitation of the six Metropolitan Partnerships. They each had an Assembly which consisted of up to 200 leaders, community members and businesses along with a range of State Ministers, Mayors and other elected representatives.  To provide transparent and live results Capire employed individual handset technology so participants could take part in live polls on the day, as well as provide real time evaluation.

Capire provided reports for each of the Assemblies detailing the discussions which informed the Partnerships advice to government. Over the past three years, thousands of Victorian’s have participated in this program and their views have shaped the priorities for their region.

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