Capire undertook an Independent Review to determine whether community feedback on the Wyndham Plan was adequately captured in Council's report.


Independent Review of Consultation Report


Photo credit: Philip Mallis, ‘Bridge across Werribee River to Wyndham Park, Werribee’, licensed under cc-by-sa-2.0

The Wyndham Plan seeks to create the type of city Wyndham residents want to live in, as articulated in the Wyndham 2040 Community Vision. Following public consultation of the draft Plan, Wyndham City Council engaged Capire to undertake an Independent Review to determine whether the feedback received through public consultation was adequately represented in the draft Consultation Report.

Capire started by reviewing all data provided through the public consultation, which included an online survey (620 responses), written submissions to Council, and community consultation sessions (over 170 attendees).

The first step was to create a coding framework using inductive coding – a ‘ground-up’ approach, where the codes and themes are driven by the data, rather than pre-set categories. The data was reviewed by two Capire consultants: the first reviewer read the data and attributed a code to each comment; the second reviewer confirmed the assigned code to ensure consistency.  The next step was to organise the codes into related groups to determine overarching themes. These themes were then compared to those highlighted in the draft Consultation Report.

This comprehensive approach provided confidence and assurance that the data was captured completely and objectively – allowing community feedback to effectively inform decision-making.

Capire’s Independent Review found that Council’s draft Consultation Report captured most of the feedback provided though public consultation. The Review brought more nuance and sentiments to the report bringing to life the themes and trends of community feedback. Capire’s report provided a detailed overview of these findings, as well as recommendations and next steps.

  • Client
    Wyndham City Council
  • Year Completed
  • Location
    Werribee, Victoria