Capire undertook targeted engagement to inform development of Education Delivery Plans for GOTAFE’s Wallan, Seymour and Benalla campuses.


Education Delivery Plan


Capire was appointed to deliver a targeted engagement program to inform preparation of GOTAFE’s Education Delivery Plans for each campus: Wallan, Seymour and Benalla.


GOTAFE wanted to understand barriers to accessing education and gaps in the workforce, and how it could work with key stakeholders to address these issues. GOTAFE also wanted to know which education and training options to pursue and how best to communicate with its key stakeholders.

Objectives and approach

The objectives of the engagement program included:

  • Gather information to inform the Education Delivery Plan including what to offer in 2023–24
  • Ensure stakeholders feel heard regarding which education and training options to consider
  • Identify workforce gaps and understand business needs
  • Identify possible partnerships to respond to key issues
  • Understand any quick wins including increasing enrolments, benefiting the community, upskilling the workforce
  • Understand stakeholders’ preferred methods of communication.

The engagement program ran for four weeks in November and December 2022. Stakeholders included schools, industry, businesses and community organisations, who were engaged through phone and online interviews, internal focus groups and an online survey.


Feedback from the engagement drew valuable findings for each campus, which were summarised by campus location and key themes (identified through thematic analysis). These findings will be used by GOTAFE to inform decisions about course delivery for each campus and ongoing strategic engagement plans to help GOTAFE remain in touch with its stakeholders’ needs.

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    Wallan, Seymour and Benalla (Victoria)