Capire facilitated online community information sessions, providing information about changes to waste


Waste Collection Information Sessions


Like many councils, City of Monash is implementing changes to their kerbside waste collection to improve its carbon footprint. When food breaks down in landfill, it releases methane gas and contributes to climate change. By changing how often landfill bins and food and garden waste bins are collected, Council can continue to collect food waste and have it composted, rather than sent to landfill.

The changes mean that food and garden waste (green lid) bins will be collected weekly and Landfill (red lid) bins will be collected every two weeks.

Past engagement showed there was considerable confusion about the proposed changes. This is mostly because information had not had the chance to filter through to the community. In response, City of Monash developed a comprehensive information campaign.

As a support to this, Capire facilitated a range of online community information sessions, designed to provide accurate information about the changes and answer questions. Capire provided advice and guidance on the design of information presented at the workshops. In addition, we met with the waste project team to go through the approach to answering tricky questions, using a risk communication framework and how to manage this.

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