Capire undertook a review of Knox City Council’s Community Engagement Policy to understand how it could be improved.


Community Engagement Policy Review


This project set out to review community engagement at Knox City Council. The review was undertaken by gathering feedback on the current policy to understand what’s working well and what could be improved. Council will use Capire’s findings and recommendations to inform its refreshed Community Engagement Policy.

Capire’s review included a community survey, six focus groups with community members, and an internal workshop with Council staff.

The focus groups included a range of participants – some who had previously participated in engagement activities with Council and others who had not. This was critical to understand enablers and barriers to participation, and how to make Council’s engagement activities more accessible.

The internal workshop was an opportunity for Council directors to have their say on gaps in the current Community Engagement Policy and how it could be improved.

Capire provided Council with a summary of feedback from community members and internal stakeholders, including recommendations to guide development of the new policy.

Community feedback highlighted the importance of building trust with communities by providing more opportunities to get out into neighbourhoods and demystify Council processes. Other themes to emerge included the need for transparency in decision making and accessible communication styles.

  • Client
    Knox City Council
  • Year Completed
  • Location
    City of Knox