Behind Every Genius is a Team


In today’s highly digital world, with hybrid work the norm, does teamwork still matter? At Capire, the answer is a resounding YES. Being successful means nada if you can’t work as a team. We use our Capire values – To Understand, Be Flexible, Bring Everyone Along and Make An Impact – to improve our teamwork.

From motivating to increasing productivity, here are ten reasons why teamwork matters and some hot tips to inspire working collaboratively. Teamwork makes dreamwork.

1. Unity: a unified team is a happy team. Working together creates stronger relationships and makes you feel like you are part of something special.

2. Respect: as you work together, you’ll learn what each staff member does and understand more about their role. This creates mutual respect and appreciation of what people are dealing with.

3. Boost morale: different team members have different abilities. From tech skills (beyond restarting your computer!) to proofreading skills, to organisation skills. Each staff member can contribute something. This makes all staff feel valued.

4. Better productivity and efficiently: each member is contributing something unique and with more people working on something, there’ll be more time and effort put in. Doing something alone means more chances of a mistake or low quality. Or you may not just have the time. Sharing the load means everyone can contribute something and the results will be better.

5. Less Stress: people generally don’t work well under stress. When you work as a team you support each other, whether that’s helping out with a task or just providing emotional support.

6. Lower the risk: when there’s a risk involved or an important decision to make, many staff may not want to fly solo and make the call. But when you have support of a team, you feel more comfortable. It also means problems can be solved – someone will know what to do!

7. Enthusiasm and motivation: working together means teams encourage each other to work hard, move forward and do their best. It will also inspire passion for the work that you do

8. Ideas and Innovation: it’s a competitive world out there and businesses need new ideas to stay ahead of the game. Working with the whole team means not only do you get more ideas which give you an edge, but they can be actioned faster.

9. Different voices and diverse views: not only is it important to get a wide range of views and let everyone have a say, teamwork means more opinions which means you are more likely to get the right result.

10. Learning opportunities: teamwork means learning from each other. As they say, education is the most powerful weapon.

Here are some top tips from Capire to inspire better teamwork.

Meet up: there’s nothing like a team meeting to create unity. We recommend two weekly team meetings – a more extensive detailed one and another quick catch up. In the longer meeting, you can go through what needs to be done, look at the week ahead and delegate tasks. call to actions. It’s also a chance to celebrate achievements and a chance to talk about your weekend and get to know each other. We also suggest a shorter work in progress meeting to go thorough where each person is at and bring up any issues or problems that need to be solved.

Communicate: how do you know what is going on in a company if you don’t work together? Exchanging information and keeping people updated ensures everyone is across everything. This is vital if people are unexpectedly away and someone else needs to step in. Communication also means everyone feels included.

Team Building: a great way to produce stronger teams and put a little fun in the week. Team building exercise can be games, classes or activities. Ideally, they should have a challenge and encourage spontaneity.

Social events: getting people together outside the office (or home office) is a great way to strengthen relationships and get to know each other.

Share the load: to work as a team, everyone must pull their weight so it’s a collaborative effort. Make sure work is distributed evenly and you are utilising people’s unique skills.