Capire supported the planning and delivery of a ‘mock-up engagement’ to ensure Alstom’s new trains meet the needs and accessibility requirements of diverse users.


X’Trapolis 2.0 Mock-up Engagement


In 2021, the Victorian Government announced that it was investing in 25 state-of-the-art X’Trapolis 2.0 trains. Alstom is responsible for the design, engineering and supply of these trains. To ensure the new trains meet passenger needs, Alstom’s design process involved early input from accessibility representatives and drivers. Alstom also developed a life-size mock-up (one-and-a-half carriages) of the new train and engaged Capire to support the planning and delivery of its ‘mock-up engagement’.

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    Melbourne, Victoria

Capire, together with Alstom and the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP), identified the diverse interests and needs of the stakeholders who would be involved in the mock-up testing. Capire developed a Stakeholder Management Plan and subsequently designed and facilitated the engagement with Alstom.

Over several months Capire supported the delivery of more than 60 community feedback sessions. Participants comprised a broad range of stakeholders and train users, including first responders such as police and paramedics; people living with disabilities and mental illness; train enthusiasts; bike riders; and parents with young children.

The engagement called for a feedback collection method that was easy, efficient and suited to the diverse group of users. Capire designed a digital survey with hundreds of ‘skip logic’ commands, which allowed questions to be tailored to a user’s travel experience. This survey saved time inputting data, while supporting accurate data capture and reporting. Survey results were filtered by user group to identify particular design changes suggested by particular groups.

Capire’s experience in facilitation and working with diverse groups were crucial in the success of this engagement. Capire provided facilitation support and training to Alstom and DTP staff. During the sessions, participants felt welcomed and supported, while staff felt they were in the safe hands of experienced facilitators.

Between April and July 2023, Capire collected 327 pieces of unique feedback, which resulted in 55 design changes. Notable changes included:

  • change in the incline angle of the wheelchair ramp
  • adjustment of the interior space to allow wheelchair users to manoeuvre in the train carriage
  • more space between seats
  • more space underneath seats for guide dogs
  • relocation of buttons.

DTP and Alstom took onboard many learnings from this engagement, such as the need for more notice when arranging support workers. Capire was invited to partner with Alstom again on the Next Generation Tram Mock-up Engagement.

Quick note to say very well done today. All the feedback received so far has been very positive. I appreciate that there’s a lot of work in pulling together these types of events and things can always go wrong, but today went without any issues.

Christopher Wong, Director, Industry and Local Content, Rolling Stock Development, Department of Transport and Planning