Capire developed an engagement framework for a project that aims to improve Uniting's delivery of local community services.


Reimaging Place Project


Uniting is a community services organisation that has worked alongside communities in Victoria and Tasmania for over 100 years. Capire worked with Uniting to develop an overarching Framework for its Reimagining Place Project.

This Project aims to improve how Uniting delivers local services to the areas that need them most through co-located service hubs. These hubs will see a range of programs and services operating from one site, which will make it easier for consumers to get the support they need and for programs to work together – creating links between services to better support consumers.

Engagement plays a critical role in ensuring these service hubs:

  • respond to consumer needs
  • are safe, welcoming and easy to access
  • provide a positive and productive environment for the workforce.

Capire developed the Framework, plus an accompanying Engagement and Communications Toolkit, through a co-design process that involved internal employees and consumer representatives. Draft documents were tested through a series of focus groups with key stakeholder groups, then finalised in response to feedback.

The resulting Framework is a practical guide to enable consistent engagement across the life of the Project. It was developed to be flexible – meaning Uniting can use the Framework for other strategic initiatives in the future.

The Toolkit provides further information about understanding and responding to stakeholder needs, as well as instructions and tips for delivering engagement and communication activities.

These documents will empower Uniting to deliver high-quality and consistent engagement across this significant Project, which will enable growth, sustainability and better outcomes for consumers over the next 5–10 years.

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    Victoria, Tasmania