Capire engaged the Riddells Creek community regarding the possible future development of the Daffodil Lane site.


Daffodil Lane Riddells Creek – Engagement Delivery


The Daffodil Lane site in Macedon Ranges Shire, part of the existing Riddells Creek township boundary, has been identified as an investigation area within the Macedon Ranges Statement of Planning Policy and the Riddells Creek Structure Plan. The site is adjacent to and directly south of the Riddells Creek Railway Station. It comprises multiple land parcels including significant land owned by Spacious Group (Spacious).

Capire worked with Spacious and Tract Consulting (Tract) on early engagement with the community to incorporate their feedback as part of any future development, where possible.

  • Client
    Spacious RC Development Pty Ltd
  • Year Completed
  • Location
    Macedon Ranges
  • Project Website
    Riddells South

Phase 1 engagement

The first phase of engagement took place between August and October 2022. This phase focused on:

  • introducing the community to the site and the related planning process
  • presenting the findings from initial site studies
  • sharing observations about local towns, such as Riddells Creek and others in the Macedon Ranges Shire.

The project team asked the community to share their visions and ideas for the site – including what they value about Riddells Creek and thoughts on potential community facilities, housing and lot sizes, neighbourhood design and parking, and design principles.

A key part of this project was a bespoke project website, established through collaboration with xCreative. The website presented clear project information, including an introductory video and an overview of engagement opportunities: a webinar, two in-person workshops held in Riddells Creek, and an online survey.

Approximately 163 people participated in the engagement activities, providing great insights into what people value about Riddells Creek and their hopes for the future of the site.

Phase 2 engagement

During phase 2 engagement in 2023, the project team tested the community’s levels of comfort with the ‘Response to community feedback report’: a conceptual representation of the visions and ideas shared during phase 1. Capire worked with the project team to:

  • plan Phase 2 engagement
  • update the project website
  • update and distribute flyers
  • advertise through the local community newsletter
  • inform community members who had subscribed for updates
  • develop a survey
  • prepare and run two drop-in events.

Through the survey, drop-in events and community group meetings (run by Spacious and Tract), 69 people shared their feedback on the ‘Response to community feedback report’. Capire analysed and summarised the findings.


A key challenge and risk to this project was the complex planning process. Recent engagement related to another proposed development in Riddells Creek held prior to engagement created some mistrust, and opposition to change and growth in the township. These challenges were mitigated by:

  • engaging with the community early in the process
  • providing clear branding and messaging
  • being transparent about each step of the process
  • being clear on the project team’s objectives.


Through ongoing transparent communication and engagement, Capire has helped Spacious develop a trustworthy relationship with the Riddells Creek community.

The project website developed during phase 1 has proved a fantastic platform to inform the community about the project’s ongoing progress and how to get involved.

During phase 2, community members saw visual representations of their visions and ideas for the site brought to life in the report: this increased their level of comfort and trust. Many community members also shared excitement about the site’s future development.