Webinar – Unlocking Housing

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Recorded 26/02/2024

Safe, affordable and stable housing is a human right. It is also essential to creating inclusive and resilient communities. Yet rising real estate prices and cost-of-living pressures are pushing more and more Australians into precarious housing situations and even homelessness.

Housing All Australians (HAA) was established in 2019 to bring a private sector lens to Australia‚Äôs housing crisis. It argues that it is in our long-term economic interest to provide housing for all Australians, rich or poor. That if we do not act on this ‘intergenerational time bomb’, the costs of managing the unintended consequences of homelessness (such as mental health, family violence and long-term welfare dependency) will explode.

In this webinar, HAA Founder Robert Pradolin joins Capire’s Matthew Gordon to discuss the challenges to unlocking social and affordable housing, new and innovative ways public and private sectors can make a difference, and how engagement will drive solutions.

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