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Data Analysis and Reporting

Capire is available to work with you to obtain greater insights and clarity from your engagement data.

The Capire team are specialists in taking large volumes of quantitative and qualitative data collected through a range of engagement techniques to understand what the community is really saying. We are confident our approach maximises the data integrity by combining skilled analysts with insightful tools. We are committed to transparent reporting in a way that respects and values contributions of all participants.


  • Design: strategies for successful data collection.
  • Management: consolidate and clean data to create a single and navigable dataset in MS Excel.
  • Coding: code engagement data using client-approved coding framework (agreed key themes to sort the data against).
  • Analysis: statistical and thematic analysis to interpret engagement data.
  • Reporting: prepare succinct reports to respectfully tell the story of the engagement to a range of audience types.
  • Presentation of data: accessible one-page summaries of data and infographics.