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Recreation and Community Facility Redevelopments

2019 to 2021
Kingston City Council

Kingston City Council is committed to investing in its recreation facilities to ensure they are meeting their community’s growing and changing needs. Since 2019, Capire has been supporting Council on several projects that will see existing facilities upgraded and new facilities built. These projects included:

  • Menton Life Saving Club redevelopment (2019)
  • Aspendale Gardens Reserve Pavilion redevelopment (2020)
  • Chadwick Reserve Sports Groud development (2020)
  • LF Payne Hall Redevelopment (2021)
  • Regents Park Pavilion development (2021)
  • Kingston Heath hockey field development (2021)

Existing users typically have strong attachments to community and recreation facilities. This attachment can make upgrading them particularly challenging. Users groups can also have competing interests and needs for the redevelopment, and it can be challenging to bring them together to agree and compromise.  The redevelopment or a new facility can mean more cars parking on local streets, noise and light pollution, loss of vegetation, stormwater issues and potentially reduced access to previously available public open space.

For each of these projects, Capire developed a fit for purpose engagement approach that considered each local content’s unique challenges and opportunities. Each process provided the different stakeholders with the opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback, and many also offered opportunities for stakeholder groups to hear from each other. In some instances, user groups were able to come together and work together through a facilitated process compromise and agree on shared outcomes.

Capire carefully balanced project risks and design processes that supported respectful and productive discussion around each of these sites. The tools used allowed for various methods of participation and were designed to meet the needs of different stakeholder groups.