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Public Space Improvement

City of Melbourne

The Public Space Improvement Project (PSIP) was designed to meet the City of Melbourne’s commitment to implementing Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) principles, as outlined in the 2013-17 Council Plan. Specifically, it aimed to ‘apply crime prevention through environmental design principles to increase safety in public spaces.’ At the end of the project’s four year timeline, Capire conducted a review of the project to inform the development of its next phase, the PSIP.

The review included best practice research, a project audit and engagement with key stakeholders through interviews and workshops. The review aimed to understand; whether the project made a difference; delivered improvements to the ways of working within the City of Melbourne; and delivered benefits for the City’s stakeholders. The review highlighted that PSIP is an important part of City of Melbourne delivering on its commitment to improving the quality and safety of public spaces and places in Melbourne. To underpin the program framework and a set of priorities for next four-years, Capire in collaboration with the City Issues Team, designed a visual new model that draws on lessons learned from the background review and stakeholder consultation.