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Liveable Yarra People’s Panel

Yarra City Council

Like many Local Governments, Yarra City Council face the challenge of planning for change and growth whilst balancing the hopes and expectations of new and existing communities. To overcome this challenge, Liveable Yarra commissioned Capire and associate Max Hardy, to deliver a deliberative engagement process: the Liveable Yarra ‘People’s Panel’.

The People’s Panel members were representative of the diversity of the Yarra community, and met over four Saturdays to identify the planning ‘dilemmas’ facing the city. To do this, Capire designed an agenda where panel members learnt both about planning and each other’s experiences of living in Yarra. The panel members then worked with each other, as well as with Council officers to develop recommendations for how Council should address these dilemmas. The People’s Panel presented their recommendations and feedback to Council on 24 November 2016. Alongside advice from Council’s Advisory Committees and targeted community workshops, these recommendations informed key changes to the Yarra Planning Scheme.

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