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Kingston Community Panel

City of Kingston

The Kingston City Council (Council) is actively planning for how it is going to house its share of Melbourne’s growing population. Planning for future housing needs and preserving and enhancing the character of Kingston neighbourhoods is a complex task. There is a strong impetus to balance environmental, economic and social factors that can influence and be influenced by housing and how neighbourhoods are shaped. Broad community engagement was undertaken by Council to understand the housing and neighbourhood character issues and opportunities for Kingston neighbourhoods.

Council resolved to validate and test these findings with a representative panel of the wider Kingston community and involve them in unpacking some of the challenges Council’s strategic planning needs to address. This panel enabled Council to build the knowledge of a sample of its community to undertake in depth discussions about housing and neighbourhood character. The output of the panel was a set of community principles for Council to consider in future decisions impacting housing provision and neighbourhood character.

Council engaged Capire to design and delivery the Community Panel process, which included a recruitment process and delivery of four panel sessions. The panel responded to the following question, “How can we as Council manage change within the City of Kingston whilst protecting what we love about where we live?” The outputs of the panel were initially used by Council to finalise its Draft Housing Strategy and Neighbourhood Character Study.