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Rent Model Advisory Group

Common Equity Housing Limited

Due to Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL) changing circumstances and funding arrangements there was a business imperative to review the way rent was calculated as an organisation that is committed to maximising the opportunities for member participation, a 12-month engagement process was undertaken to inform the review.

A Rent Model Advisory Group made up of six individuals who live in co-operatives was formed. This group was chaired by Capire. The group met monthly with a final goal of providing rent model recommendations to the Board that would deliver the desired outcome.

During the engagement the group initially met to develop a deeper understanding of why the change was needed, and then develop and test options. They participated in regional forums and the annual CEHL conference which provided opportunities to get feedback from other co-operative members. The final recommendations and implementation considerations were reached after significant debate within the group and input by other members. The board of CEHL accepted all bar one of the recommendations and the process has been recognised by both CEHL and Capire as demonstrating leading practice.