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Inclusive Casey Engagement Framework

City of Casey

Capire was engaged to support the City of Casey to develop an Inclusive Casey Strategic Framework 2018-2021. The purpose of the Inclusive Casey Strategic Framework is to provide a roadmap for creating a safe, inclusive and connected community. The objectives of the project were to connect with a broad range of community groups and ‘hard-to-reach’ cohorts to better understand issues of diversity, access and inclusion. The project also aimed at developing principles and strategic objectives for the Framework, while building commitment with key stakeholders to continue their ongoing involvement.

Capire (supported by Social Fabric Planning) designed and facilitated two workshops to support the development of the Framework. The first was the Inclusive Casey Community Forum which involved 66 participants selected to reflect Casey’s demographic profile via an expression of interest process. This was followed by the Inclusive Casey Stakeholder Workshop which brought together relevant Casey officers and representatives from external agencies and government departments. The workshop built on the feedback gathered through the Inclusive Casey Community Forum, staff workshops, pops-up activities and other processes undertaken by Casey.

The purpose of the Stakeholder Workshop was to:

• develop draft principles, goals and strategic objectives for the framework
• consider evidence gathered from previous consultation undertaken
• understand the needs of Casey’s diverse community from the perspective of internal Council services and agencies providing programs and support services
• encourage collaborative action and project ownership.

Following the adoption of the Framework by Council, several action plans were developed to support the Framework. These include an Aboriginal Engagement Plan, Accessibility Action Plan, and a Gender Equity Plan. Capire was also engaged to write the Accessibility Action Plan.

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Inclusive Casey Community Forum