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Customer Service Charter

Banyule City Council

The Banyule City Council sought to improve customer experience across the organisation through the Customer Focus Project. The first step in this project was the review and refresh of the Banyule Customer Service Charter; the overarching guide for all interactions between community members and Council staff. Capire assisted with the development of the Charter, facilitating two creative workshops, one with community members and one with Council staff.

The workshops aimed to increase community understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Council; increase Council staff understanding of customer experiences; and create ownership of the Charter amongst community members and Council staff. During the workshops participants reflected on customer service at Banyule and discussed customer service challenges, opportunities and expectations. The workshop outcomes were used to prepare principles to guide the revised Charter and also create a list of key elements.

Council built on the engagement undertaken by Capire with further internal consultation, and in October 2018 the Banyule Service Promise was launched.

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Community Charter Workshop