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Aged Care Services Community Panel

City of Yarra

The introduction of My Aged Care saw significant changes to the operating and funding environment of the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) in order to create a consistent approach across all states and territories. The new model is a competitive, open-market and consumer-driven model. Rather than aged care service providers receiving a block amount of funding from the Federal Government to deliver CHSP services, funding will be allocated as older people choose that provider for a particular CHSP service.

In the case of Victoria, local councils traditionally have played a significant role in CHSP service delivery. These reforms are causing councils to reassess their role to better position themselves in a competitive environment while continuing to support the needs of their older residents. Yarra City Council (Council) is one of the many Victorian councils embarking on a journey of assessing its future role. In 2018, Capire Consulting Group work with Council to form a representative sample of the community to form a Community Panel as part of its commitment to ensuring the community’s voice was captures and considered in its decision making.

The Community Panel gave Council the opportunity to build the knowledge of a sample of its community and community representatives. This also allowed for an in-depth discussion on Council’s future role in the delivery of CHSP services and associated opportunities for improving how it provides for older residents in Yarra.