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Aboriginal Engagement Plan

City of Casey

Casey’s Aboriginal community includes the largest number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents across the Southern Region (1,616 people). As part of Council’s commitment to delivering an inclusive, safe, and connected community Council identified the development and endorsement of an Aboriginal Engagement Plan as a direct measure for improving the health and wellbeing of the Casey population and reducing health inequality.

Capire was engaged by the City of Casey to design and facilitate a stakeholder workshop and to review previous engagement and research documents. Capire designed and facilitated a two-hour workshop with internal staff and external agencies with the objective of informing the development of principles, goals and strategic objectives for the Casey Aboriginal Action Plan, and the subsequent three-year implementation plan.  Capire also reviewed a series of engagement, research and project reports and drew together the data into a consolidated report. Capire undertook analysis on the challenges and opportunities identified through the background review and proposed future directions for the development of the Aboriginal Engagement Plan to achieve an integrated whole-of-Council approach to Aboriginal engagement.