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The Peter Krenz Centre Redevelopment

Greater Bendigo City Council

The Peter Krenz Centre redevelopment is a priority and complex project and there were traditional views held about the facility which historically has had a strong sports and leisure focus. Council identified a need to better understand broader community needs and aspirations for the centre and determine the right mix of services and functions to meet those needs, ensure that the facility integrates effectively with the surrounding area, and will operate sustainably into the future.

Capire Consulting Group designed and facilitated three workshops with a dedicated Community Reference Group (CRG) established to assist in the identification of community services needs and gaps. Along with other technical investigations being undertaken related to the condition and performance of the centre and consideration of wider community views and interests, the outcome of the discussions will be used to inform the development of project scope options for the PKC.

The objectives of the workshops were to:

  • promote shared learning regarding community service needs
  • promote shared learning regarding PKC challenges and opportunities
  • ensure aspirations and apprehensions regarding any PKC redevelopment are consistently understood and appropriately considered
  • support a collaborative approach to understanding and planning for diverse and evolving community service needs as part of any PKC redevelopment.

Capire facilitated impactful workshops with the CRG members to determine community service needs, gaps, and opportunities, contribute to the development of principles for the PKC redevelopment, and inform project scope options.