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Community Engagement Strategy Focus Groups

Beyond Blue

One of the key recommendations from Capire was for Beyond Blue to undertake external engagement including with targeted groups to garners insights from those they do not readily engage with, to further explore the community’s interest and barriers to engagement.

Capire was then engaged by Beyond Blue to conduct two focus groups, one with representatives from welfare agencies who support vulnerable communities, and one with representatives from their BlueVoices, Speakers, and Volunteers programs which are delivered by Beyond Blue. The objectives of the focus groups were to better understand Beyond Blue’s engaged and non-engaged communities’ interests, barriers, and preferred methods for engagement with Beyond Blue as well as those with lived experience of mental illness. The focus groups involved a series of group discussions and activities that encouraged participants to discuss and reflect:

  • how the community engages with Beyond Blue
  • their reactions to the draft objectives of Beyond Blue’s Community Engagement Strategy (Reach, Participation, Advocacy, Service)
  • community engagement interests and barriers
  • opportunities and methods for engagement
  • what successful engagement with and by Beyond Blue looks like.

The format of the focus groups provided the participants with the opportunity to work in small and large groups, and to reflect on specific issues individually. Tools used to help facilitate the discussions included community member profiles and empathy mapping.
As part of the final report Capire provided key insights and recommendations specifically related to working with key partner organisations and networks as well as how to prioritise and further their reach and engagement.

The engagement findings informed the development of Beyond Blue’s Engagement Strategy which was launched in March 2020. Download a copy here