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Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy

Moreland City Council

Moreland City Council is developing a new Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) to set the direction on dealing with major transport issues within the municipality for the next decade. Council is working to improve access to sustainable transport options and through the associated Parking Strategy, examine how much car parking is provided across the municipality and whether this should change in the future. Council’s broad vision is to create an environment where sustainable transport options are convenient and attractive, with the aim that Moreland is a more liveable, sustainable and healthy place to be.

Capire delivered engagement across three phases, using a wide variety of techniques, aiming to build awareness; seek feedback on the background paper to inform the MITS; and to confirm that all key issues had been addressed. As part of Capire’s commitment to ensuring all members of Moreland’s diverse community had an opportunity to participate, a small discussion group with Muslim women was organised that used interactive activities to seek their feedback. The MITS and Parking Strategy are currently being refined and will be adopted in early 2019.