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Jemena People’s Panel


Energy is an important and divisive issue for the community; in particular its price, reliability and how to reduce emissions. Discussions in the public sphere increasingly focus on energy as a complex issue with an uncertain future. Jemena sought to engage with electricity customers on these topics in a meaningful and informed way. Jemena engaged Capire who recommended a deliberative process called a People’s Panel. Through a this process Jemena built the capacity of a sample of its community to enable them to take part in in-depth discussions about the future of electricity distribution and pricing.

In August 2018, a People’s Panel of 43 every day citizens came together to represent the customers of Jemena’s Electricity Networks. Together they created 25 clear recommendations that informed Jemena’s Electricity Pricing and Services Plan (2021-2025) submission, their Vision for the Future of Electricity, and their vision for how Jemena can work with their customers.

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Jemena People’s Panel