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Pilot Water Sector Climate Change Adaption Action Plan Workshop

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Capire designed and facilitated a stakeholder workshop with 50 water sector representatives for the Pilot Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan. The workshop provided key stakeholders with an opportunity to influence the development of the Action Plan, focusing on prioritising gaps and agreeing actions.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

• identify the competing factors that enable or hinder adaptation in the water sector
• agree on the gaps and opportunities in water sector climate change adaptation
• identify those gaps and opportunities of highest priority
• identify and develop existing and new adaptation actions to address priority gaps.

The workshop followed a stocktake, gap analysis, and rapid international review of best practice adaptation. Working groups were convened to agree the challenges and develop the actions further followed by a consultation draft which was released to the water sector as well as Government Departments, regulators, other relevant parties including academics and industry bodies. The action plan was peer reviewed; submissions received; and once finalised the action plan was released in October 2018.