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Community Codesign Workshop: Nurturing Connections with Nature

Hume City Council

Hume City Council is actively supporting their community to have environmentally sustainable lifestyles through their Live Green Plan 2015-2019. This plan and its subsequent programs aim to enhance health and wellbeing of community members while protecting and supporting the natural environment. The aim of the Urban Biodiversity program is to engage community members in positive nature-based experiences, resulting in a great appreciation of Hume City’s biodiverse environments.

The Urban Biodiversity program includes, Seedlings for Schools, Backyard Biodiversity, Bio-Buddies and Greening. Council, with the support of Capire, convened a community codesign workshop to review the Urban Biodiversity programs, explore ideas for potential future programs and provide recommendations to Hume City Council. The full-day workshop included a range of creative small and large group activities to harness the energy and the interest of the diverse group of participants.