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Capire Learning Labs is a training program focused on developing the community engagement skills of our clients. These free, monthly training sessions focus on practical skill development and tool application.

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just starting out in the industry, Learning Labs will have something for you.

Each Learning Lab has just 20 places to ensure its personal and practical enough for you to ask questions and actively participate; but it is also large enough for the session to draw from diverse experiences and insights of other participants.

All Learning Labs are held at CE.Lab located at Level 1, 96 Pelham Street, Carlton.

For further information or to register please email learninglabs@capire.com.au

The fine print: to attend a Learning Lab your workplace needs to be a current or recent client, i.e. we’ve worked together in the past two years. Note: photos may be taken at this event and used in Capire publications.



Designing and facilitating a successful focus group. 1 May 2019

This session is designed to give participants a good understanding of how to effectively facilitate a focus group with a targeted group of participants. Drawing on practical examples, participants will explore a mix of facilitation techniques and methods to enable participants to take a deeper dive on complex topics.



What is Social Inclusion and how does it relate to community engagement? 27 March 2019

This session is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of the barriers to participation that are faced by some members of our community and how to overcome them. Based on real life scenarios participants will learn about the benefits of a social inclusion-based approach to community engagement and how to put theory into practice. Using experiential learning techniques expect to have your perceptions challenged and level of empathy increased.

Click here for a copy of the free resource associated with this Learning Lab.

Bringing the fun into engagement - designing creative engagement activities, 28 February 2019

Information can be gathered through more than written feedback or table group discussions – think crafts, games and walks through the park. This Learning Lab will focus on how you can build feedback mechanisms into fun activities, and use creative approaches to break down barriers between participants. As the title suggests this will not be a straightforward workshop – expect to have fun!

Click here for a copy of the free resource associated with this Learning Lab.

Masterplans, precincts and parklands – engagement made simple, 31 January 2019

Community and stakeholder engagement is a core function of all urban planners. This Learning Lab focuses on supporting urban planners to take the community on the journey of change; navigating the political landscape by securing buy-in and dealing with difficult groups; and positioning your project through your communications, branding and key advocates. The session is designed for people working in and around urban planning and design.

Click here for a copy of the free resource associated with this Learning Lab.

Designing a fail proof engagement strategy, 29 November 2018

When designing any engagement strategy there are essential building blocks which need to be developed at the earliest possible stage. This Learning Lab will focus on each of these key elements, providing you with the knowledge and tools to apply them in your work. A wise person once said, ‘if they don’t like the outcome, they attack the process.’ Everyone needs a strategy which will set them up for success. The session is designed to be highly participative, informative and fun.

Click here for a copy of the free resource associated with this Learning Lab.