Project, 2015–2016

The Whitehorse Cycling Strategy


Whitehorse City Council recognises that cycling represents a mode of transport, a recreation, a sporting activity for people within its community as well as an activity that has important environmental and health benefits. In light of this, Council developed The Whitehorse Cycling Strategy in 2016. This Strategy will guide infrastructure, education and advocacy actions over the next 10 years.

People cycle for a variety of reasons, from transportation and fitness to professional sport. As a result, the Strategy must address a variety of community needs. To build a robust understanding of these needs Capire Consulting Group was contracted by Arup on behalf of Council, to design and deliver a community engagement program via online and face-to-face engagement opportunities.

Capire designed engagement methods to increase participation from the whole community, delivering feedback from a variety of different community members and stakeholders. There were also several opportunities for facilitated discussion with known groups within the community. Over two phases of engagement more than 400 people provided input into the strategy development. The community contribution received in Phase 1 informed the development of the draft Strategy. Phase 2 provided the community the opportunity to review the draft Strategy and give feedback.

Tools that increased the number of people participating were an online mapping program where people could provide feedback on specific locations, having pop-ups on popular bicycle paths, and providing an online submission template for phase 2. In response to community feedback Whitehorse City Council added actions to the strategy, focused on delivering a low-stress cycling network and increased the targets for percentage of population cycling by 2027.

View an infographic of the project.