Project, 2015–

The Education State

Client, Department of Education and Training

The Victorian Government has committed to making Victoria the Education State, ensuring that every Victorian has access to quality education regardless of background, place or circumstance. To realise the Education State vision, the Government is undertaking ongoing engagement with all Victorians about their ideas, experiences and aspirations for the education system.

The Department of Education and Training commissioned Capire to design and implement an engagement program for two phases of consultation.  The first phase was a broad consultation process to explore and test the Education State vision with all Victorians, including students, families, educators, experts and the wider Victorian community.  The second phase was a deeper level conversation, specifically to seek feedback on ideas for policy reform in early childhood education and care.

The Education State engagement program was designed to hear the views and perspectives of individuals and organisations from across various sectors, regions and communities. It provided people with options of how they would like to participate, and included multiple opportunities for them to provide their ideas and feedback. Capire structured engagement activities in a way that allowed as many people as possible contribute to the conversation, regardless of their expertise or level of involvement in the education system.  Over 1500 people from across Victoria participated in the consultation activities.

The outcomes of the engagement programs are being used to inform the Government’s ongoing education policy reform.