Project, 2014–

Tenant Engagement Framework

Client, Department of Health and Human Services

In 2014, Capire prepared an engagement framework for the Department of Health and Human Services to guide how they engage with the tenants of their public and social housing. While the starting point of the framework development was IAP2, it soon become clear that the majority of the engagement sat outside of the Public Participation Spectrum. Through a process of review and engagement, a new community engagement framework was prepared.

Within the Tenant Engagement Framework, there are five types of engagement, each with a unique objective:

Information – to inform tenants with balanced and objective information to assist them in understanding the problem, alternatives, opportunities and/or solutions.
Education – to educate tenants to build capacity and/or change behaviours in response to emerging challenges.
Consultation – to consult with tenants to obtain feedback on the alternatives, and/or priorities.
Connection – to provide opportunities for tenants to meet and connect with other tenants and members of the broader community.
Empowerment – to empower tenants to create their own opportunities and networks.