Project, 2009–2013

Sunbury Electrification Project

Client, Department of Transport

In 2013, the Victorian government opened the $27 million electrified Sydenham–Sunbury rail line enabling higher capacity metropolitan trains to run to Sunbury. This significant transport link opens up new access that connects the city with outer growth areas.

Capire was a foundation member of the alliance management team and managed the stakeholder engagement and community relations for the project. Capire worked closely with the local community, commuters and stakeholders to guarantee the project was timely, with minimal disruption and to ensure the project added significant value to the communities of Sunbury and Diggers Rest. Daily construction impacts, commuter communications and over 25,000 notifications were delivered by our team.

In addition, Capire led the design and development of the engagement strategy that included ongoing ‘legacy programs’ – a unique community-inspired design process that contributed station architectural features, and the Sunbury Station garden upgrade. A youth partnership program was also established including placement of work experience students and an industry-based learning program for final year engineering students, community arts programs including an art scholarship and successful anti-graffiti murals on three substations, as well as an education programs around safety and sustainable transport.