Project, 2012–2013

Return to Royal Park

Client, City of Melbourne, The Department of Health

Always the green heart of Melbourne, the landscape of Royal Park was going to change with the redevelopment of the adjacent Royal Children’s Hospital – creating a rare opportunity to establish new parkland in the centre of the city.

Capire designed a comprehensive engagement program to help guide planning for the new parkland. Capire delivered two phases of engagement, using a series of creative tools to facilitate meaningful dialogue between stakeholders – community and visitors from all backgrounds – and planners.

Capire hosted a moderated online forum providing stakeholders with the opportunity to express their ideas for the parkland. The team also undertook vox pops (short interviews with community members in public), focus groups and held forums to understand aspirations, concerns and obtain feedback.

The comprehensive overview of ideas and aspirations were received as invaluable input into several rounds of planning. The engagement highlighted a range of preferred options, which were narrowed down to the creation of a world-class nature-based adventure playground.

Since opening in 2014 the new park has been full of children – from the local neighbourhood, Flemington social housing, the nearby hospital, as well as families who travel from all over the city.

Return to Royal Park

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"Nature is calming and soothing and that would be perfect for people visiting the hospital."