Project, 2014–2014

Resource Recovery Reform

Client, Sustainability Victoria

Sustainability Victoria is responsible for the delivery of the Victorian Government’s new water policy; Getting Full Value: the Victorian Waste and Resource Recovery Policy. The aim was to create a considered response to future demand, minimize waste and strengthen the system.

Capire was asked to develop three separate initiatives relating to Sustainability Victoria’s market development strategy for recovered resources, it’s investment facilitation framework and the collaborative procurement framework, as well as a new strategic plan for the organisation.

Capire’s involvement ensured a broad engagement that ensured these initiatives are practical and relevant to the stakeholders. The engagement also gave Sustainability Victoria the opportunity to measure interest and opportunities for feeding back into the strategic plan.

Capire delivered a six week comprehensive engagement strategy targeting government, business and industry, and community. The activities included surveys via Sustainability Victoria’s online portal and ten workshops held across Victoria.

The outcomes were used by Sustainability Victoria to inform the development of three initiatives, which flowed into the tools, services and support they provide to resource recovery groups and local councils.

Participate Sustainability Victoria