Project, 2012–2013

Plan Melbourne

Client, Department of Planning, Transport and Local Infrastructure

Plan Melbourne sets out the broad planning vision for Melbourne over the next thirty years of growth. It is an integrated land-use, infrastructure and transport plan designed to guide Melbourne’s housing, commercial and industrial development through to 2050. Such large scale planning requires an extensive range of ideas and vision from a diverse base.

Capire led a comprehensive community engagement program designed to raise awareness and seek feedback on the Metropolitan Planning Strategy discussion paper – Melbourne, let’s talk about the future. The engagement program informed the development of the strategy, which was released in late 2013.

The community engagement activities included a major community forum for over 600 participants (including the training of 95 table hosts), over 100 vox-pop interviews across Melbourne, 18 focus group conversations with hard-to-reach communities, a community conversation toolkit, support to ministerial advisory committee, and a video documentary of engagement activities.

In 2014, Capire was responsible for an engagement process designed to raise awareness of the next phase – Plan Melbourne – and to provide opportunities for community to learn about the content of the strategy, its key objectives and outcomes. Engagement also aimed to encourage community to submit feedback they may have regarding the strategy via a submissions process. The program included a combined stakeholder briefing with 400 participants, six information displays across Melbourne, and five half-day community information sessions.

Melbourne, let’s talk about the future