Project, 2013–

National Conversation Pilot

Client, Australia Post

The communications landscape is changing rapidly, and with it the business activities of large organisations like Australia Post. The National Conversation Pilot was a program of engagement through which Australia Post was able to develop stronger relationships with communities as it moves towards a period of change and transition.

Capire was appointed by Australia Post to prepare and pilot an engagement framework that was suitable for diverse communities across the country.

The pilot chiefly focused on discussing the Australia Post reform agenda and secondly, to influence community grants prioritisation. A flexible approach was designed to adapt to business needs and included an evaluation of the pilot against performance objectives, outcomes and resources in order to recommend redesign as required.

The engagement activities included six face-to-face local discussion groups in towns across Victoria, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia and New South Wales. These local discussion programs were the first of their kind in Australia Post’s history. The groups covered similar topics about the National Conversation but with further opportunity for in-depth discussion and analysis around change.

The program design also incorporated Australia Post employees to act as the face of the local discussion groups and to assist in facilitating discussions together with an independent and impartial facilitator.

The local discussion groups have emerged as an informal and active group of stakeholders who are now discussing specific service changes as well as guiding Australia Post’s wider national engagement program. These are the important relationships that will shape the future of the organisation and the future of mail communications in Australia.

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