Project, 2015–

Local Heritage Policy Review

Client, Lovell Chen

Building on previous reviews of local heritage planning policy, the City of Melbourne commissioned architects and heritage consultants Lovell Chen and Capire Consulting Group, to conduct a further review. The consulting team were tasked with producing comprehensive ‘Statements of Significance’ for seven precincts in inner Melbourne, and to provide policy revisions for Clauses 22.04 and 22.05 to address the management of heritage places through the Planning Scheme.

Together with Lovell Chen and the City of Melbourne, Capire designed and delivered community and stakeholder engagement designed to help inform the ‘Statements of Significance’ and policy development. This included internal workshops with policy users and heritage specialists, walking tours, and community workshops in each of the seven precincts. The walking tours in particular were used as a way to build the capacity of community participants to understand concepts of heritage management, and to share examples of the predominant or unique heritage character within the precincts.

Through this engagement process Lovell Chen were able to develop ‘Statements of Significance’ and heritage planning policy that built on the knowledge and values of policy users and community members.